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Warrior Canine Connection's 'Del'
Kolbe Family Foundation-sponsored service dog


"Warrior Canine Connection is a pioneering organization that utilizes clinically based Canine Connection Therapy to help

wounded Warriors reconnect with life, their families, their communities, and each other."


~Warrior Canine Connection


DEL - named for Sergeant Del Deforest Kolbe.

Sergeant Del Deforest Kolbe enlisted in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War, serving 4 years in Air Medical Operations as a Med Tech. After his tour of duty, Mr. Kolbe had a very successful career in business, building several enterprises which allowed him to create hundreds of jobs.


Since his retirement in 2013, Mr. Kolbe has supported various Veterans and military charities. He has followed in the footsteps of his father, father-in-law, mother-in-law, uncles, and cousins, all of whom were deeply proud of their service to their country.

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