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Military Fatherhood


"If the father’s responsibilities are many, his rewards are also great..."

-President Lyndon B. Johnson

History of Father's Day

Father’s Day was first introduced in Spokane, Washington, by Sonora Smart Dodd (photographed in left image). Ms. Dodd first proposed the idea of Father’s Day when her pastor gave a passionate speech about Mother’s Day and the importance of mothers.

Ms. Dodd went to her pastor and explained that her father (photographed in right image),who was a Civil War Veteran, had raised 6 children as a single parent and that fathers deserved a holiday just as much as mothers did. 

The holiday did not stick right away and the citizens of Spokane forgot about Father’s Day until Ms. Dodd graduated from college in the 1930’s and began promoting Father’s Day on a national level. She enlisted the help of manufacturers of ties, tobacco pipes, and any industry that would benefit the most from the adoption of Father’s Day.

In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson went to Spokane to speak in a Father’s Day celebration, and wanted to make Father’s Day a national holiday. Congress resisted, and it was not until 1966 that President Lyndon B. Johnson issued the first presidential proclamation honoring fathers. Then in 1972 that President Richard Nixon actually signed Father’s Day into Law.


Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Military Fathers

If he’s deployed, consider sending these:

  • Create a Father’s Day e-Card

  • Make a Social Media post and include #HappyFathersDay

  • Subscription Boxes – send a range of products directly to a military dad even ones who are deployed like Hello Subscription that has a number of different military and veteran subscription boxes

  • A Care Package to include:

    • His favorite candies and snacks

    • A picture of the family together

    • A good book

    • A few personal care items like new socks and shampoo

    • A hand crafted item

If He's home for the holiday, check out these other gift ideas:

  • Favorite Stores –  Keep in mind that some of dad’s favorite stores may offer a military discount like Bass Pro Shop, Cabela’s, and others.

  • Dinner – Take your dad out to eat for some Father’s Day Free Meals. Special offers and discounts are available at restaurants like Firehouse Subs, and Romano’s Macaroni Grill.

  • Medals and Awards Display Case – Give your dad a display case to place his military medals and awards to honor his years of service.

  • Personalized Ammo Box – Ammo boxes are made from military surplus boxes where each case was previously used by the US armed services to carry real ammunition. Ammo boxes can custom printed with any message line plus the name, date, and rank of your choice.

  • Organize a Father Son/Daughter Trip – Spending time with your dad can be the best gift of all. Organize a weekend trip, go to a sporting event or a dinner. A weekend with your dad can be a memory that will last forever.

  • Create a Video or Photo Album – This is easier than ever with the advancements in technology and a custom video of the family is a great (and free) gift for your dad on Father’s Day.


“Throughout life, we draw courage from our father’s firm and loving guidance and example. With the values they instill in us, they encourage us to live a life of virtue and exercise good judgment as we enter into adulthood and have families of our own.”

-President Donald Trump

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