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Honoring Our Veterans: Reflecting on Our Impact and How You Can Help

Dear Kolbe Family Foundation Community,

As we approach Memorial Day, we are reminded of the profound sacrifices made by our brave men and women in uniform. At the Kolbe Family Foundation, we are dedicated to honoring and supporting these heroes who have given so much to protect our freedoms. This Memorial Day, we reflect on the ways we have helped our veteran community and offer tips on how you can join us in making a difference.


Reflecting on Our Impact

Honor Flight, 2018 William "Bill" Kolbe Memorial Flight


We proudly sponsored an Honor Flight, ensuring that veterans had the opportunity to visit the memorials dedicated to their service and sacrifices in Washington, D.C. In 2018, we honored William "Bill" Kolbe with Honor Flight #53, providing veterans with a memorable and emotional journey to our nation's capital. These trips offer veterans a chance to connect, reflect, and find closure. William's son, daughter, and wife attended in his beloved memory.

Honor Flight, 2014


36 Veterans from WWII were flown to Washington, DC in which they visited the National Memorials for World War Two, Vietnam, and Korean War.


William Kolbe and son, Del, were in attendance. What an honor it was for the pair to be able to make that trip together - creating an impactful memory for them both.


Service Dogs:


We have also partnered with Warrior Canine Connection, an incredible organization that trains service dogs for veterans with physical and psychological injuries. By sponsoring multiple service dogs, we have helped veterans regain independence and improve their quality of life through the companionship and support of these highly trained animals.


How You Can Help

Volunteer with Veteran Organizations:

  • Consider volunteering with organizations like Honor Flight Network or Warrior Canine Connection. Your time and effort can make a significant difference in the lives of veterans.


Donate to Veteran Charities:

  • Financial contributions to veteran-focused nonprofits can help fund essential programs and services such as Honor Flight and Warrior Canine Connection. Every dollar counts in supporting our heroes.


Advocate for Veterans' Issues:

  • Stay informed about policies and legislation that affect veterans. Advocate for their needs by contacting your local representatives and supporting veteran-friendly initiatives.


Offer Your Skills:

  • Whether you are a therapist, lawyer, or career counselor, your professional skills can be invaluable to veterans transitioning to civilian life. Many organizations need pro bono services to support veterans.


Share Their Stories:

  • Help raise awareness by sharing the stories of veterans in your community. Highlighting their experiences and challenges can foster greater understanding and support.

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